Thursday, May 13, 2010

Melaka Trip: The Places

After we left our luggages at the apartment, the guys are hungry so we decided to get some food. Initially we wanted to go Jonker's street for lunch, but Rachel suggested that we go Pahlawan Mall for Mille Crepe 1st. So the we went over to Pahlawan Mall and had Mille Crepe which be will shown on next post =P

After our "light" lunch, we planned to go A Famosa first, and Jonker's Street next. For your info, we didn't drive, we just walked around the town actually =x
The famous A Famosa =D

The cannon's outside the fort

The Dutch's Graveyard

St Paul's Church

The heart and wings looks nice ^^

Another attraction of Melaka, trishaws =)

After we are done with photos and sightseeing, we were supposed to head to Jonker's Street but someone led us to the wrong road and we ended up back to Pahlawan Mall again -_-" It was 2pm, and Grace called us to confirm out meet up place. In the end we decided to meet up at Pahlawan Mall. Grace reached by 3pm, we met up and head off to Jonker's Street.

But too bad, on our way to Jonker's Street, we took some time for photographs again with the KTM train and the old plane LOL!

Photographer Alvin with model Grace =P

Grace and me in front of the Old KTM train =D

The 2 guys in their cat-tish pose XD

We delayed about another hour there and the guys were dead hungry when we finally reached Jonker's Street LoL. Called Algin and he met up with us there. Jonker's Street in the evening have a lot of stalls selling food, drinks and souvenirs. I love the food that are sold there =D

Evening view of Jonker's Street ^^

The next day, we passed by this giant war ship while on our way back from breakfast. Decided to snap some photos of it as it's really grand and nice~

The huge war ship and the tiny us LoL~

A nice shot of the ship

Wondering why did I mention about food so many times but not a single photo about it? That's because I'm keeping it for my last post on Melaka which will be all about food only XD Credits to Henry for most of the photos. Be prepared to drool at my next post *grins*


ohmywtf said... me the food at Jonker street! lol

kRaZy said...

not much foodstall food coz we ate a lot b4 the stalls open lol

SonnyKazu said...

Haha! Cool trip you have.. I went there few times d... :D

Glo-w~* said...

love melacca^^

kRaZy said...

I went there many times when I was young..but it changed a lot I think, and going with a car would definitely be better I think =x

Love! XD

Kelvin said...

The church looks creepy >_<

kRaZy said...

It's old afterall, and the graveyard is in it lol..

ulricng said...

nice pictures...

Seraph said...

haha next time if ur going again tell me =) i'll guide you to all the awesome food places HAHAA

kRaZy said...

most of it not i take 1 =P

u r from melaka or u know there very well? lol

Seraph said...

I know very well :) cos my friend is one of the big asses staying there and he brings us out for great food there everytime LOL

kRaZy said...

Big asses? lol..that's good. Well I haven't really been to anywhere special yet besides jonker's street and satay celup..even my fren bring me also same places only =(

Seraph said...

hhahaa you must go for the pork satay, the baba nonya food, the curry wan tan mee, the asam laksa..lots more lah! LOL

kRaZy said...

u make me feel like my past trips all very unsuccessful LOL! XD