Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jusco J-Card Day @ Mid Valley

It's Jusco's J Card Day again! It will be going on at Mid Valley from 5th May 2010 till 6th of May 2010.
To those of you who've been to a J Card Day, you will know that everything in Jusco especially household items will be on super discounts! I only got to know about it this morning, and I wanted to get a new set of comforter, so I went there to check out what they have.

Was pretty excited when I see the "70%" and "80%" stuck all over the place lol. There were a lot of brands and comforter sets so I when over and see if there's any I like.

Comforters spilling all over the floor

There's even Happy Hour where they give additional discount to the current discounted price

After around 30 minutes, I found 2 sets of comforter which I kinda like. I stood there for another 30 minutes because I do not know which to choose =.= I can't put it back and think 1st because I'm sure once I put it down, someone else will grab it instantly T_T

The Modern Art design?
(Original: RM619, J Card DAy:RM99)

Or this cute and colourful one? =(
(Original: RM589, J Card Day: RM119, Happy Hour RM89)

I still couldn't decide after 30 minutes, so I MMS'ed my sis LoL! I hate myself for being so indecisive, damn.. She said to choose the Modern Art 1. So I listened to her, and leave the 2nd 1. But after walking another round, I found there are only quilts! And the quilt is so so so so super soft and comfy! =x

Super comfy and soft and squishy quilt XD
(Original: RM159, J Card Day: RM79)

After another 15 minutes of indecisiveness, I've decided to take the super comfy quilt XD The comforter from the 2 sets above really cannot beat this =x After paying, went down and saw even cosmetics on clearance sales! They have Revlon, Za and Silky Girl's product. Grab some stuff again =x

Silky Girl eye shadow and eye liner
(RM8 each)

Revlon Hair Dye
(RM10 each XD)

After done with the ladies department, went down again to Jusco's supermarket. Yes even the supermarket is doing sales XD Went there to get my Bruncher (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner).

Assorted Sushi
(RM1 only for every sushi)

Besides sushi, grabbed some fried chicken and wedges too. I've spent a total of RM222 in just 5 hours time lol. Luckily I saw people queuing up at the entrance and found out that I can actually get rebate, yay~! They gave me a rebate of RM20, I think every RM100 spent, you will get a rebate of RM10.

This is not an advertorial for Jusco lol. Just sharing with you about J Card day, and why you should go XD So don't miss it, there's still half of today and 2molo! To those who know me, I don't mind borrowing you my J Card =P

P/S: It is not advisable to drive to Mid Valley for this 2 days because it's freaking jam and very hard to get a parking -_-"


Hilda Milda said...

whoaaa, so many stuffs. sure many people one. omg, the sushi are tempting :p

hazman aka species1980 said...

u just eat sushi for bruncher.....hmmm

woaini_87 said...

I wish i knew about this sales thingy... =(....

kRaZy said...

Biasa la, every j card day also same lol.

and other stuff not in pic =P

it's until 2molo, u still can go

Glo-w~* said...

yeay to sales \(^_^)/

CloudFly said...

shopping girl come out dy ^^

Roze Boomerang said...

Wargh! Today's last day. Only MidValley ar? :(( I wanna buy ice cream maker. I wonder if that's on sale or not :(

Kenzo said...

did you bought me smth from Jusco?haha

Aidi-Safuan said...

1 hour of thinking then u decide not take both comforter?! aiyo! :p

Xiaopei said...

Too bad I don't have J-card T.T

taufulou said...

the experience there was crazy, see see the things half way then got snatch by a auntie saying she want it..since i look nia..haihz..

too many ppl tim~ but cannot deny that there are lots of ppl~

The blogger. said...

cheap cheap cheap :)

Kelvin said...

Envy >.<
Why sg doesn't have this kind of event~