Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Melaka Trip: The Beginning

Went for a trip to Melaka last Saturday. There were 5 of us who went for the trip and they are...

Siew Ching aka Princess

Rachel aka the Blur one

Henry aka Clevermunkey

Yours truly aka the kRaZy one =D

Jayleo was supposed to join us for the trip but in the end he decided that he do not want to go. We went there by bus as it is much cheaper than renting a car. From KL to Melaka is only RM12-13 per trip.

Anyway I was conned by a bus company called Jebat Express, they showed me nice bus photo, and it's RM13, but the next day when the bus arrived, it's in an OMG condition -_-" aircond leaking, bus with stupid smell and extremely rude mannered staffs zzz! Remember DO NOT EVER take Jebat Express if you are going to Melaka even if no bus!

The journey took 2 an a half hours because the stupid bus made a de tour to Alor Gajah and a few more places before reaching Melaka Sentral when they told me it would a direct trip -_-" All of us slept during the journey, too sleepy XD Took Town Bus #17 to get to Clock Tower where I will be meeting up with Mrs Ng the landlord of the place we will be staying.

The apartment we stayed

I found it from Google, and it's freaking cheap, only RM100/weekday or RM120/weekend. Besides that the apartment is in good condition with 2 rooms which can accomodate 3-4 persons in each room, basic cooking utensils, water heater and air conditioner available too.

They are not charging extra for extra mattress, so if you are really on a tight budget trip the house can sleep up to 10-12 person including living room lol. Definitely recommended, besides that the house owner Mr Joe and his wife Mrs Ng are very friendly and helpful people ^^ Click Here to find out more about the apartment =)

Anyway, that's all for now. Coming up next would be how the 5 of us conquered A Famosa so stay tune~ =D


ohmywtf said...

aiyo..never invite me one :-P

HenRy LeE ® said...

wow... the line up of people who went... haha... put my imitating photos some more! LOL

read my version here: http://clevermunkey.blogspot.com/2010/05/malacca-trip-with-bloggers-friends-part.html

The CleverMunkey

toninkush said...

most pictarsss

toninkush said...

i mean more* pictarsss

jfook said...

Owwwh...Jebat Express. Get it. And where's teh apartment?

kRaZy said...

lol at 1st got some prob, so dowan ask so many ppl go loh.

yeng le =P

more coming up in next post ^^

the apartment is behind the church, walking distance to main attractions and pahlawan mall as well ^^

Xiaopei said...

I want go Malacca also!

Spectre said...

AMazing ! always stick with established bus express coz to many worm at puduraya

kRaZy said...

then go loh =P

They are no longer at Pudu lol, renovation so temporarily moved to Bukit Jalil. Those I trust, 1 no bus to Melaka, 1 more time not suitable

FeeQ said...

Tak Ajak! XD

nebular said...

Great outing n all of u must be so excited n nice photos too......StayTune

engtaukia said...

yaya... agree wif ohmyWTF.. nvr invite us.. =="

SonnyKazu said...

Yee... bo jio...! T_T

fikah mus said...

going to wait for more updates on malacca from you.
will be there by the end of this month, and I need to know where to go,besides the A Famosa and Stadhuys.
nice entry by the way!!

M-Knight said...

yeah Malacca is a nice place, will go back again

kRaZy said...

feeq, engtaukia, sonny:
I'm not the oraganiser lol..

thanx ^^ but sorry u will be disappointed bcoz I didn't go anywhere else as we do not have our own transport over there =(

agree~ =D