Monday, May 17, 2010

Rojak @ SS15, Subang Jaya

I went back to college last week, and was craving for Indian Rojak, so I decided to satisfy my craving at the famous rojak stall near my college~ The stall is located in front of SS15's KFC.

There's always a queue no matter what time you are there

Their price list

The rojak guy skillfully cutting the ingredients

A plate of delicious rojak =D

All the ingredients are fresh, taste good and it comes in a generous portion ^^ What I love about the rojak from this stall is the sauce actually. The sauce contain a lot of crushed peanut, and they added sesame to it as well which made it taste better~ The crackers are crispy as well.

I would say it's the best Indian Rojak I've had so far =) if you know anywhere with better rojak, pls tell me so I can go check it out XD


Anonymous said...

looks normal to me.. but I guess it's the sauce that makes it super nice.. I'm gonna have to try this someday.. :D

SonnyKazu said...

wah... ROJAK!! :D

kRaZy said...

Ya it's the sauce that makes it nice, and the ingredients are fresh =)

yes rojak XD

Jackie Loi said...

i gonna said sri rampai pasar malam rojak is da best! :D

engtaukia said...

yaya.. i went ther b4.. ahxian restaurant juz opposite, rite? haha

kRaZy said...

really? when is the pasar malam? =D

u mean u went b4 subang 1 or sri rampai 1? lol

Jonshea said...

Rojak XD nice nice.

Chen Kai said...

i recommand sri petaling wan

HenRy LeE ® said...

tak ajak! haha
actually there's a rojak place near my place also quite nice but its a new stall so not much ppl there

The CleverMunkey

~Bloggerina~ said...

waa,gonna find this stall