Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Descent 2 Screening at e@curve

Went for the Descent 2 Screening on the 18th May at e@Curve. Once again I got my invites thanx to Nuffnang yay~! Recently most of the movies I've watched also because of Nuffnang =P

As usual, we have to be there an hour before the screening to collect our tickets. I met up with Henry and Baboon who were already queuing up. W3ndee was there too with Fiona =D I also met Jiayeen for the very 1st time =P

Ticket collection started. The guy collecting ticket is Tallboyz XD

Loads of I ♥ Nuffnang badges for the Nuffnangers~

Munkey and W3ndee while queuing up~

Wondering why Jayleo's name was not mentioned? Because he was late XD he came only after we've collected the tickets~

Today besides the screening of The Descent 2, it is also a very special day for Fariz~! It's his 2Xth birthday =D (X because I know he will kill me if I put in the number XP). Henry as his kawan baik came up with a small birthday surprise for him =)

We actually prepared a cake with candle and sang him a birthday song at the cinema's entrance =x a bit paiseh but for a friend's birthday, nvm la XD

Fariz posing with the cake

The lovely Tiramisu from Secret Recipe =P

Movie review will be in my next post. Nice to meet everyone there, including Jackie and Ryan =P
Oh ya, during the funny, there was a funny incident that happened. I don't know if anyone else noticed it but I heard someone farted freaking loudly =x He/she was a few rows in front of me XD


HenRy LeE ® said...

U farted just admit lor.... I heard it too! Wakakakaakaka jk jk! :p

Anonymous said...

So proud eh! Got featured in ur blog :P

algin said...

alvin didn't go ha? if alvin go sure is alvin farted geh!!

algin said...

alvin didn't go ha? if alvin go sure is alvin farted geh!!

~Blabberina~ said...

hahaa..never heard anyone farted yet..

kRaZy said...

!!! Now think think har..duno izit u who farter =P

LoL! I more proud u commented on my post! XD

Alvin didnt go lol.

I wonder if I'm the only 1 who heard it =x