Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tokio Hotel Concert @ 1 Utama

Before you start reading, I think I should tell you 1st that although I went for Tokio Hotel Concert, but I didn't see Tokio Hotel. But still, I've found 2 videos of them performing yesterday so you will still get to see them rocking live in action~ =D

I got invited to Tokio Hotel concert by Spec, and to tell the truth I am really no fan of theirs. I just went for the sake of going lol. I met up with Spec, GreenTeaBern and his gf, Eve around 6pm. We went to the concert place and took some photos first.

I'm trying to cover myself from rain lol

Special Tokio Hotel balloons prepared by some fan

Bernard, Eve and Spec

Eve, Spec and Me

Big Hand

The crowd

The concert have 2 guest performers and they are Pop Shuvit and Bunkface. The concert started around 7 something with a DJ spinning for about 15minutes, then Pop Shuvit starts to perform.

Pop Shuvit's DJ

Pop Shuvit's bassist

Pop Shuvit's Vocalist

They performed about 4-5 songs, then it was followed up by another DJ who spinned for about another 15minutes till Bunkface performs. Well only now I realised that the song Prom Queen was sung by Bunkface LOL! =x Anyway, great performance by both the performers.

I decided to leave as the opening acts took really freaking long time and the concert is still not starting. I am really tired of standing, and like I've said previously I am not a fan of Tokio Hotel. I went off to some off the booths at the concert area and hang out there a playing Battle of the Bands LoL!

Anyway, I heard they announced that Tokio Hotel wasn't there yet, so the previous DJ have to spin again to fill in the time till they arrive lol. From 8.30pm till 9pm when I left the concert area, and Tokio Hotel was yet to be seen lol. They arrived around 9.15pm IF I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, I do not know if the concert was great or not, but I love the DJ's~ they did a great job mixing and spinning haha. Same goes to Pop Shuvit and Bunkface =) As for the concert, I guess I have to find out from GTB lol.


Victor Tan said...

Tokio Hotel's hair bah....
lol, Malaysian artists taking chance to publicize themselves. But I bet they rock also, I like Pop Shuvit.

Pop Shuvit even made a song for Cyril too.

Vin Tsen Gan said...

WA! Go watch Tokio Hotel never ask me la lol. So funny huh, you go there but never watch them perform.

Wooi Kit said...

U go there so early but they come so late... they are not punctual! I guess some fans might be feeling disappointed.

kRaZy said...

Lol ya not too bad =P but they couldn't make the crowd go really wild haha..

Ppl bring me go 1 lol. What to do, I've been standing from 6pm till 8.30pm le. And it's really hard to breath + drizzling.

Lol, fans dun mind to wait, but non fans mind to wait =x

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

YER! Didn't bring me go!? =)

-JayLeo™- said...

baboon what also wana go. lol

boys like girls is way better than TH i guess XD

kRaZy said...

Not my ticket haha..

I think maybe? haha

Spectre said...

wah that long for them to arrive and perform....

kRaZy said...

Ya..and the concert end around 10 =.=

Aidi-Safuan said...

haha... so u just went there to see the opening performance? rugi lorh. better give me the ticket lah. :p

kRaZy said...

Tired la, stand already so many hours under the rain sumore u know and they still havent come =.=

HitoMi Ng said...

owh, I missed that...but I suppose to be there if i was not sick >.<

Sly Nolan said...

gogo bunkface!

ShiN said...

hor~~ din ask me go larh...
haha... xD
tokyo hotel... jz dislike da hair~~
too long nehx >.<

kRaZy said...

lucky u didnt go then, or else u will get sick coz we have to stand under the rain =.=

yea~ i kinda like bunkface also haha..

not my ticket la haha..i didnt listen to their song except automatic coz always play

CloudFly said...

is pop shuvit bassist la,not guitarist lol

kRaZy said...

haha sorry sorry, edit ady.

NICK IRFAN said...

wow! best 1 utama! ha! have a nice day!!

p/s=Hěn gāoxìng rènshi nǐ

Nikel Khor said...

y dun invite me d?

kRaZy said...

Thanx =)

Aiyo I already repeat 101 time that ticket is not mine! =.=

Mr Lonely said...

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Luray va accommodations said...

The Tokyo hotel was full with hoards of people the concert was so rocking and wonderful. All the performances were pretty good with good listeners of the show.