Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holiday is ending soon..

Without's already 1 week plus since I've been on holiday. I've achieved nothing in my holiday. All I did was eat, sleep, play. I did went out to yamcha but the 1 hand can count finish haha. exam result is out. tell the truth, I'm really disappointed that 1 A also don't have this sem. Inti has upgraded the grades and it's no longer 70% for an A, it's now 80%. Although this might be one of the factor of why I didn't get any A for this sem, another factor I believe would be my attendance and laziness haha. I have to admit, ya I really skipped a lot a lot of classes and if all my lecturers are strict, I think I would've been barred from exam =x Mid term test didnt study sumore..what else can I expect la..

Anyway, my results:

COM2100 Advertising Copywriting - B

COM2116 Writing for Mass Media - B-

COM2117 Introduction to Video/TV Production - B+

CSC1102 Technology of Web Development - B-

MPW1133 Malaysian Studies - B

Can't blame anyone but myself =( next sem gonna start in a few days time, and it will be my last sem in college, because after that I will be going for internship before graduating ^^ time to pick up A, memalukan... T_T

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To what extend a person would go to get what they want?

A friend of mine sent me a link to this video to me and asked me to watch it. After watching..I find it really quite amusing haha. I thought that those scenes will only happen in anime and I really didnt expect that a real life person would be doing that to get what she wants haha. Hope you guys will enjoy it too ^^

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just wait? Or...?

As I was looking and gathering my friends who is willing to come out and yamcha, Adrian, my long-time-no-see friend called me. Just right! Got kaki yamcha already I went and meet him up at Sri Petaling and he introduced his new gf to me ^^ I guess he must have "terasa" from my facebook comment saying he teruk got gf already also didn't tell his friends haha. His gf was kind of nice.

During the yamcha session, Adrian keep ask me what criteria am I looking for in a guy and he will try and find within his network and intro to me if available haha. The questions he asked really make me feel a bit "errrr...". He say he thinks that I should start looking for a bf, especially I'm about to graduate and it's not easy to get a bf in the working world. Besides that, I'm not young anymore lol.

Well, I have thought of the question before and I do know that I'm not young anymore. But still...haven't met the right one, takkan I cincai grab one just for the sake of passing time right..? Seriously, since my last break up I really didnt fall for any guys. I don't know if it's because my social network grew smaller or because I don't socialise as much as I used to anymore resulting my scope to be small.

Don't have means don't have 1 matter how many u intro if no feel means no feel rite? Even if u meet a guy who might meet all ur criterias but sometimes, somehow, it just won't work and the sparks won't light up =/ Seriously sometimes I wonder too what is wrong, is it my problem or the people that I know? I do feel abnormal sometimes for not having any special feeling towards anyone =.="

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey Dude, You S**k =)

As I was about to sleep just now, received an SMS from someone. The content of the SMS was to request some kind of favor from me, which is to fetch him from somewhere to somewhere. I told him no with the reason "No car". He said ok, and start talking about something else, his mood. He is feeling moody and wants someone to listen. I reply "Ic.." and he reply with a full SMS shooting me. Saying all he want is care and bla bla bla...whatever $#!t.

Dude, how old are you? You got problem you wanna tell then tell la! Need people to ask only you tell? Who the heck you think you are? Say that I'm not showing care? Excuse me..who r u? You are just a friend of mine ok? And you know I will definitely listen if you tell, why you must insist I ask? Don't forget the fact that you've cheated me for a hundred dozen of things and I'm still talking to you is already more than what you can ask for, what else do you want? I know damn freaking a lot of things but I didn't say out and you continue to pretend!

Seriously I'm damn pissed off, how can there be a person like this? Cheat people and expect the victim, me, to care for him!? Stupid, you emo your problem la, don't come and DDLY and disturb me please. When I got problem find you that time, you didnt even reply my SMS and now you dare to talk so much?? Seriously, please get a life and make sure that it doesn't involve me in it. I seriously HATE YOU freaking much now! You are very disgusting!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dragonica =D

Dragonica is the name of the new online game by IAH games. I saw the name of this game from my friend's msn. He posted the link at his msn personal message so I decided to go and have a look as I am looking for a new online game to play anyway.

Well, the moment I saw the banner, reminds me of Rose Online and FLYFF. It is a cute 3D game, and seriously, the characters does look cute =3 The first thing that I check out is the classes available in the game haha. It is very important so I know what job can I choose from and decide =P The classes available are:

Level 20
Knight | Gladiator

Level 40
Paladin | Firebrand

Acolyte | Battle Magi

Level 40
Oracles | War Magi

Level 20
Hunter | Ranger

Level 40
Trapper | Ballista

Level 20
Jester | Assasin

Level 40
| Ninja

For full info on the skills and what each class can do and what are they good at, kindly CLICK HERE . This game will be starting it's Closed Beta on 7th of May 2009 till 17th May but Open Beta's date is still yet to be confirmed. If you are interested to play this game, remember to take part in the Dragonica Wishing Well Contest to get the code for free Balloon in game which can be used for both CBT and OBT. Besides that, you will stand a chance to win other in game items too ^^

Well, for now..I'm thinking of playing Thief. I've had very bad experience with wizard since Cabal haha. Although I still love my wizard, but's not fun to play wizard. Damage output might be quite high but other job can achieve the damage too by critical. And then, spell casting needs time, when you are casting your spell people might hit you till 1/2 hp already. And worst of all..always 3-4 hits die, can never be a solo hero =/ Like my wizard in cabal, after lvl110 it's impossible for me to leveling unless I have my friends with me because all those maps need party lvling, mobs have imba HP and armor.

Here are some of the wallpapers I've downloaded from the site. If I start playing the game, I will comment it here =P

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 6 of my holiday

I know I know..the title might sound a bit stupid that I'm actually counting my holiday but hey..I'm not enjoying myself. I've ntg to do till I countdown how many days of my holidays have I wasted haha. Damn sux la..6 days and I only went out 1 day. Pathetic. Anyway, yesterday went to OUG's pasar malam to get my icy chilling ice blended bubble tea lol. I went there alone, but it's no big deal cause I always go alone haha.

Unexpectedly, I met Jerry, one of the guy that once worked with me in Dubai. He is no longer working overseas and decided to work on his own selling those products himself instead of going to overseas. Well, I was thinking to myself, actually wondering how long can he stay in Malaysia haha. Although working at overseas is not that good nowadays but no matter how bad it is I'm sure it's better than working in Malaysia.

My mood got slightly better after coming back from the pasar malam coz finally I've went out, breathe in some fresh air, walked on the road and see humans. I've been stuck in my room for a few days already. The only things that I see is my PC and my handphone. Amazing? It won't be if u know me haha. Seriously I'm freaking bored..another problem that I'm facing now is no car use. My mom is back so she's using the car most of the time and I don't want her to purposely let me use also. Most of my friends do not own a car, car = stay at home. *sigh*

It's 2.18am now..I'm stoning in front of my PC once again. Many things went through my mind but none of it stayed long enough for me to remember. I'm feeling bored, alone, stuck, lost and whatever negative feeling you can think of. Seriously it sucks to be stuck at home for almost a week. is so hot, make me feel even more down. Where is my dear rain..? Can you please come..I really do miss you =(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holiday is not so fun after all..

A month before my holiday I keep fantasizing how FUN holiday will be, where will I be going, what will I be doing. But seriously, this holiday SUX! I've wasted 2-3 days of my holidays by staying at home, stoning in front of my PC and keep playing Garena when I've really got bored of it to the MAX.

Why holiday is so boring, WHY!? Can anyone tell me why? Or is it that only I'm having boring holidays? To you guys and girls who are reading this, please, organise something! my mind I have just 3 plans for this holiday which are:

1) Go watch "Coming Soon" (which has been accomplished)

2) Go Genting play, be it overnight or one night trip, casino or themepark, doesn't matter

3) Go sing-K with friends, whoever it is, classmates or gaming frie

So sad loh..until now, my plan 2 and 3 still "No sound no breath". I've put it on my MSN for 2 days but no one pm me about it =( Only a fren of mine pm'ed me for the "Coming Soon" movie..
Last year at this time, I've got Cabal with me, 2 weeks is like not enough at all for me haha. Now no game play, no place to go.. T^T

Should I go Genting alone? Haha..been thinking..maybe go alone even better? No need fan haha..
Please help me out ah..I don't want to waste my precious holiday like that!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bye Bye my tooth..

Today extracted another tooth for my braces again. In total I've extracted 4 teeth for my braces..all also pre molars haha. This time it was fast, just a few shake and it's off, no need people to press my head or what lol. I took a pic of my pre molar as kenangan =/ it has been with me since my primary school years till now =/ If you find the pic gross, kindly press ALT + F4 to prevent yourself from having nightmares and blaming it on me pulak ^^

Bye bye to my tooth =(

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exam's Over and Rain Is Coming ^^

Well my final paper finish already, I don't think that I'm doing well for it haha. No mood study at all, keep thinking of holiday only =x

Anyway, reached college around 7.15am this morning. After reaching I called Ricky and he is drinking tea with Jacky at the mamak stall near the college. I went there to meet them up and Rachel came too not long after that. We didn't really study much even though we try to haha. Everyone is in holiday mood la, feel like giving up studying for the subject. Around 8.30am we change spot to studio coz weather is freaking hot and there is a big nice sofa at studio =P

Sit there while memorizing the 10 steps of a criminal court procedures which didn't come out at all, me and Rachel went down back to the mamak stall coz Tee and Siew Ching makan there. We did a bit more studying there and here are the pictures~

The hardworking us =P

After the exam finished, we went and lepak at the Mass Comm room for Inti Open Day which is today and tommorow. More photo taking sessions there lol. The reason is because I realised that we didnt really take much photos during college hours and we r about to graduate..need to take at least some as memories for us after we graduate la ;P

Playing with the big camera XD
Victory! (Against Mass Media Paper =P)

Rachel and Me

Wanted to go Snowflake yamcha, but it is once again closed for "preparing taroballs". They've been using this excuse quite often i noticed -_-" so we ended up going to Sunway Pyramid for Ice Monster, but somehow the plan became lunch at TGI Fridays haha. Since we are not really hungry, 3 ppl share 1 set with mini desserts too~

The appetizer

Inside is macaroni with cheese

The main course, Fish & Chips.

After makan saw the A&W Rootbear which can pose really well so me and Siew Ching went and take photo with it =x reach home not long ago..I'm really freaking sleepy now but 2nite might be going Wangsa Maju to da kei haha..still duno how yet, see first ba.

Siew Ching and Rootbear

Me and Rootbear

Unprepared =/

I'm going to college now unprepared. Reason? Well..I overslept my study time =( but nevermind going to college to study with friends, better than none rite? ^^ Wish me Luck~ post again when I am back from my victorious "war" with my exam =P

Friday, April 17, 2009

One more to go~

One more exam tommorow, 11am-1pm and I will be on holidays!! Haha! Just the thoughts of holidays alone can excite me hahaha! Meanwhile..wanna share pictures of my new shoe =P My old shoe starting to tear d, so got myself a new pair of Adidas Originals superstar~ White and Pink in colour ^^

From the Side

Nice or not? =P

Besides that..after almost half a year, finally I got my Advanced Scuba Diving License lol. My uncle forgotten to pass my license until I tell him I might need to use it this holiday only he passed it to me =x Although I won't really be using my license, but at least I have it =P diving is really an expensive sport which I can't afford for now haha..

The one on the left is my Open Water Scuba Diving License and the 1 on the right is my Advanced Diving License ^^ Still haven't have the chance to use my advance license yet =/

Now watching drama to relax, later midnight study again and go for exam then

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Revival of My Blog?

Well..I've begin missing the feeling of blogging..a place for me to pour out everything that's in my heart and mind. I've decided to change back to my old skin because I find the rainbow skin is not so user friendly, and I couldn't seem to find any real good skin from the internet, so I'll try to customize myself from time to time ^^ I'm still learning though, as I've said before I'm not too well versed with HTML codings haha.

Having exams this week..I've actually typed quite long for this post but something went wrong and everything is gone so I'm lazy to retype it. Perhaps it is not meant to be published..that's all for now. I will be back to update this blog for sure, with more things to share =)