Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey Dude, You S**k =)

As I was about to sleep just now, received an SMS from someone. The content of the SMS was to request some kind of favor from me, which is to fetch him from somewhere to somewhere. I told him no with the reason "No car". He said ok, and start talking about something else, his mood. He is feeling moody and wants someone to listen. I reply "Ic.." and he reply with a full SMS shooting me. Saying all he want is care and bla bla bla...whatever $#!t.

Dude, how old are you? You got problem you wanna tell then tell la! Need people to ask only you tell? Who the heck you think you are? Say that I'm not showing care? Excuse me..who r u? You are just a friend of mine ok? And you know I will definitely listen if you tell, why you must insist I ask? Don't forget the fact that you've cheated me for a hundred dozen of things and I'm still talking to you is already more than what you can ask for, what else do you want? I know damn freaking a lot of things but I didn't say out and you continue to pretend!

Seriously I'm damn pissed off, how can there be a person like this? Cheat people and expect the victim, me, to care for him!? Stupid, you emo your problem la, don't come and DDLY and disturb me please. When I got problem find you that time, you didnt even reply my SMS and now you dare to talk so much?? Seriously, please get a life and make sure that it doesn't involve me in it. I seriously HATE YOU freaking much now! You are very disgusting!


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