Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 6 of my holiday

I know I know..the title might sound a bit stupid that I'm actually counting my holiday but hey..I'm not enjoying myself. I've ntg to do till I countdown how many days of my holidays have I wasted haha. Damn sux la..6 days and I only went out 1 day. Pathetic. Anyway, yesterday went to OUG's pasar malam to get my icy chilling ice blended bubble tea lol. I went there alone, but it's no big deal cause I always go alone haha.

Unexpectedly, I met Jerry, one of the guy that once worked with me in Dubai. He is no longer working overseas and decided to work on his own selling those products himself instead of going to overseas. Well, I was thinking to myself, actually wondering how long can he stay in Malaysia haha. Although working at overseas is not that good nowadays but no matter how bad it is I'm sure it's better than working in Malaysia.

My mood got slightly better after coming back from the pasar malam coz finally I've went out, breathe in some fresh air, walked on the road and see humans. I've been stuck in my room for a few days already. The only things that I see is my PC and my handphone. Amazing? It won't be if u know me haha. Seriously I'm freaking bored..another problem that I'm facing now is no car use. My mom is back so she's using the car most of the time and I don't want her to purposely let me use also. Most of my friends do not own a car, car = stay at home. *sigh*

It's 2.18am now..I'm stoning in front of my PC once again. Many things went through my mind but none of it stayed long enough for me to remember. I'm feeling bored, alone, stuck, lost and whatever negative feeling you can think of. Seriously it sucks to be stuck at home for almost a week. is so hot, make me feel even more down. Where is my dear rain..? Can you please come..I really do miss you =(

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