Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holiday is not so fun after all..

A month before my holiday I keep fantasizing how FUN holiday will be, where will I be going, what will I be doing. But seriously, this holiday SUX! I've wasted 2-3 days of my holidays by staying at home, stoning in front of my PC and keep playing Garena when I've really got bored of it to the MAX.

Why holiday is so boring, WHY!? Can anyone tell me why? Or is it that only I'm having boring holidays? To you guys and girls who are reading this, please, organise something! my mind I have just 3 plans for this holiday which are:

1) Go watch "Coming Soon" (which has been accomplished)

2) Go Genting play, be it overnight or one night trip, casino or themepark, doesn't matter

3) Go sing-K with friends, whoever it is, classmates or gaming frie

So sad loh..until now, my plan 2 and 3 still "No sound no breath". I've put it on my MSN for 2 days but no one pm me about it =( Only a fren of mine pm'ed me for the "Coming Soon" movie..
Last year at this time, I've got Cabal with me, 2 weeks is like not enough at all for me haha. Now no game play, no place to go.. T^T

Should I go Genting alone? Haha..been thinking..maybe go alone even better? No need fan haha..
Please help me out ah..I don't want to waste my precious holiday like that!

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