Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exam's Over and Rain Is Coming ^^

Well my final paper finish already, I don't think that I'm doing well for it haha. No mood study at all, keep thinking of holiday only =x

Anyway, reached college around 7.15am this morning. After reaching I called Ricky and he is drinking tea with Jacky at the mamak stall near the college. I went there to meet them up and Rachel came too not long after that. We didn't really study much even though we try to haha. Everyone is in holiday mood la, feel like giving up studying for the subject. Around 8.30am we change spot to studio coz weather is freaking hot and there is a big nice sofa at studio =P

Sit there while memorizing the 10 steps of a criminal court procedures which didn't come out at all, me and Rachel went down back to the mamak stall coz Tee and Siew Ching makan there. We did a bit more studying there and here are the pictures~

The hardworking us =P

After the exam finished, we went and lepak at the Mass Comm room for Inti Open Day which is today and tommorow. More photo taking sessions there lol. The reason is because I realised that we didnt really take much photos during college hours and we r about to graduate..need to take at least some as memories for us after we graduate la ;P

Playing with the big camera XD
Victory! (Against Mass Media Paper =P)

Rachel and Me

Wanted to go Snowflake yamcha, but it is once again closed for "preparing taroballs". They've been using this excuse quite often i noticed -_-" so we ended up going to Sunway Pyramid for Ice Monster, but somehow the plan became lunch at TGI Fridays haha. Since we are not really hungry, 3 ppl share 1 set with mini desserts too~

The appetizer

Inside is macaroni with cheese

The main course, Fish & Chips.

After makan saw the A&W Rootbear which can pose really well so me and Siew Ching went and take photo with it =x reach home not long ago..I'm really freaking sleepy now but 2nite might be going Wangsa Maju to da kei haha..still duno how yet, see first ba.

Siew Ching and Rootbear

Me and Rootbear

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