Friday, April 17, 2009

One more to go~

One more exam tommorow, 11am-1pm and I will be on holidays!! Haha! Just the thoughts of holidays alone can excite me hahaha! Meanwhile..wanna share pictures of my new shoe =P My old shoe starting to tear d, so got myself a new pair of Adidas Originals superstar~ White and Pink in colour ^^

From the Side

Nice or not? =P

Besides that..after almost half a year, finally I got my Advanced Scuba Diving License lol. My uncle forgotten to pass my license until I tell him I might need to use it this holiday only he passed it to me =x Although I won't really be using my license, but at least I have it =P diving is really an expensive sport which I can't afford for now haha..

The one on the left is my Open Water Scuba Diving License and the 1 on the right is my Advanced Diving License ^^ Still haven't have the chance to use my advance license yet =/

Now watching drama to relax, later midnight study again and go for exam then

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