Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holiday is ending soon..

Without's already 1 week plus since I've been on holiday. I've achieved nothing in my holiday. All I did was eat, sleep, play. I did went out to yamcha but the 1 hand can count finish haha. exam result is out. tell the truth, I'm really disappointed that 1 A also don't have this sem. Inti has upgraded the grades and it's no longer 70% for an A, it's now 80%. Although this might be one of the factor of why I didn't get any A for this sem, another factor I believe would be my attendance and laziness haha. I have to admit, ya I really skipped a lot a lot of classes and if all my lecturers are strict, I think I would've been barred from exam =x Mid term test didnt study sumore..what else can I expect la..

Anyway, my results:

COM2100 Advertising Copywriting - B

COM2116 Writing for Mass Media - B-

COM2117 Introduction to Video/TV Production - B+

CSC1102 Technology of Web Development - B-

MPW1133 Malaysian Studies - B

Can't blame anyone but myself =( next sem gonna start in a few days time, and it will be my last sem in college, because after that I will be going for internship before graduating ^^ time to pick up A, memalukan... T_T

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