Tuesday, May 5, 2009

kRaZy's Instant Spaghetti =P

Few weeks ago Prego came to my college and they were doing some promotion selling the canned spaghetti sauce. There were testers for us to try and I think that it's not too bad so I bought 1 set (RM10 only ler...) which includes :

2 packet of Ideal Spaghetti (250gm)
Prego Traditional Flavour
Prego Carbonara Mushroom
Prego Mushroom (with tomato)

Actually I am usually kind of lazy to cook unless I have the mood to because usually I'm alone at home, how to cook -_-" it's not easy to prepare the portion for one person and I can't eat that much also. Anyway, after buying it for around 3 weeks, suddenly I was inspired to cook it =P I chose to cook the traditional flavour first and decided to add in some button mushroom and chicken bits for extra flavour~ I bought cheese powder as well to enhance the taste <3

After getting all the ingredients I need from Sri Kota, begin my preparation for my instant spaghetti ^^

Prego sauce opened, button mushrooms sliced, chicken chopped and my spaghetti haven't cook =x

My chicken after boiled. I added salt so the chicken won't taste so bland.

Water boiling already, throw in my spaghetti =D

Watch how the spaghetti soften~

End result : Spaghetti Bolognese with cheese powder but sorry la no basil leaf to decorate =P

Time used to prepare and cook: Around 1 hour (including slicing and cutting and taking photo =x)

Rating: 3.5/5 (The sauce a bit sweet, i will like it more if it's a bit sourish =x)

If you guys wanna eat spaghetti without hassle, go ahead and try it out haha. Basically just heat up those stuff and Voila~ you have successfully prepared your very own spaghetti ^^

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