Friday, May 22, 2009

Night Stalker Mode still on >.<

7.52 am, perhaps you guys will think that I've just woke up and getting ready to get to college..too bad, I haven't slept T_T I actually start to sleep around 1 am, and I successfully got into sleep BUT I SMS'ed someone before I went to sleep and that someone replied me an hour later.

I was..well..awaken by the SMS but I won't blame him even though I couldn't get back to sleep due to that because I've once did that to him too haha XD After that, tell him I'm going off to sleep and said good night, it was around 2.50 am. Seriously I really didn't know that I can stay on the bed so long and not fall asleep even though I'm feeling drowsy -_-" I restrained myself from turning on my PC for I know if I on it, I will not sleep for sure. I kept my hands off my phone as well, and just lying on my bed, hoping very very much to sleep again..

Too bad, nothing worked. I stayed awake until I see rays of sunlight shining through the window and I know it's 7am, I can turn on my PC now and give up trying to sleep as I'm having class at 11am later. No point sleeping...I don't wanna miss class anymore. I've been skipping terribly since the 1st week, beginning to feel bad.

Anyway, I would like to share 3 photos I took on Wednesday morning if I'm not mistaken. Sunrise of KL after a rain pour ^^ It was really beautiful...but too bad I only have a phone camera with me. Take a look:

Those pictures are taken from my room. For those of you who duno, I'm staying on the 22nd Floor haha..

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