Friday, May 22, 2009

Dragonica Review by kRaZy ^^

Sorry for posting this late, was having some problem with my sleeping time until no mood to post this up haha. Anyway, the close beta which started on 7th May 2009 has already ended. During the 10 days of the CBT, I started off with Magician, as nobody wanna play healer among my friends so I thought perhaps I should give it a try as having a healer in your group is really a big advantage.

Sad to say, I don't really enjoy playing healer haha. The first few hours of me trying to play Dragonica was kind of difficult because the fact that it is side scrolling T_T I didn't know that Dragonica is side scrolling until I begin playing it haha. My skills kept miss, took me some time to get used to it and learn how to estimate.

As what I do to level up in other RPG games, I take quests and clear them too, but I did it a stupid way due to lack of research. For Dragonica, they have mission maps which allows the player to kill mobs and bosses to get good EQ and Gold. Most of the mobs needed for all of the quest can be found in the respective mission map of the map. It's easier and faster to leveling this way. What I did was to hunt for the monsters around the map and some of it only respawn intervally. I waited like a fool for it to respawn without knowing that there are actually loads of them in the mission map -_-" So my advice for other players who are interested to play, just go leveling in the Mission Maps, gives better experience and drops as well.

The changing job quest at Level 20 was a nightmare for me..for the quest, I have to jump through many gaps between path, then I have to climb and hop the complete that quest, I actually used around 2 hours =.=" got kind of pissed off when I keep miss jumping and fall off to the 1st floor and I have to start all over again. The moving path was difficult too...seriously, just the thoughts of needing to go through it all over again makes me @_@ Do research before entering the City Hall Sewer for you will not want to jump all over again just because you've missed the Boss's dorm.

My magician successfully changed job to acolyte after going through that nightmare quest ^_^v's really a supporter job.
Consist of 2 party healing skill, and acolyte can resurrect people too~ Besides that, I like one of the skill where it can show hidden enemies and they will not be able to hide for 12 secs. Sounds like Dust of Appearance in DotA to me XD it's good against jobs that can hide such as assasin and jester but I think it's kind of useless if u r all alone bcoz after revealing them it's not like you can fight them anyway. It's useful if you have your mates with you who can help you to settle them hehe.

Acolyte can freeze someone like Crystal Maiden in DotA, and turn enemies into frog like Rhasta/Lion in DotA XD (the reason I'm relating it to DotA it's because I'm a DotA player too haha..). It has some magic attack skill as well but I didn't really plan to learn it because I think if you want to play supporting role, make it full support. Acolyte is definitely not the job for those of you who prefer to fight or solo. In PvP, Acolyte get aim first, and any combo from enemies can kill you easily. With not much damage dealing skill, one can only run and hide while supporting your frens.

I tried Thief as well but I played that till Level 11 only. I find thief much much more interesting compared to magician. It was my first choice actually. I like the attack speed of Thief, and the skill that randomly attacks additional 2 or 3 times (forgotten). It has many skills including buffs for party members. There are many variations to play a Thief as they have many skills. You can try and explore a new style by combining the different types of skills to achieve one that you think is most suitable for your playing style.

I played my friend's Archer, I find it kind of boring with not much skills and variation BUT I can't deny that archer's are kind of strong. They have powerful charge skill which can kill you with just 1 combo. There is a skill that shoots arrow to throw the enemies into the air and while the enemies are in air, archer can launch their charge skill which can kill you before you even land.

I tried my friend's Knight as well. As from what I can see, Knight is really for pure tanking. The skills are mostly on adding DEF,MDEF or HP. Warrior is fun to play as well, but I don't really like knight because it's just for pure tanking. I think perhaps Gladiator will be much fun as it can deal tremendously high damage BUT at a low speed.

I've already made up my mind that IF I'm playing for the OBT, I will definitely play Thief, although I still do not know if I should go for Jester or Assasin haha. By the way, do not worry that your skills learnt at the earlier job will influence your skills at the higher job because it doesn't matter at all. It's not related and when you change job, they will give you a skill reset scroll as well so you can reset the skills and relearn it. Just up the skills according to what you think is best for the current job and you won't go wrong ^^

Screenshots from me ^^

At the entrace to the Mission Map

At Port of Winds with MoMoFish

Achieving S rank for one of the Mission Map ^^

Combo System for better EXP

My Magician with cash item XD

That's all for now hehe..

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