Friday, May 15, 2009


This past few days I'm very freaking emo..don't ask me why coz I'm sure even I do not know why. So many random thoughts flying around my mind..and this week is the 2nd week of my classes, but it's the 1st week for me haha coz I just start attending classes..

Seriously from the day I know wat subjects I will be taking I am already like

"ZzzzzZZZzzZZ!! Why the hell I must take all this subjects!!".

Preview from Siew Ching about our new lecturer teaching Creative Media,

"I hate her..."

After I go for class

"I hate the classes....."

So...freaking emo now. Why we pay and we can't choose what subject to take? Why we always get noob lecturers to teach? Ms Violet gone ady come 1 Ms I-still-duno-what's-her-name. Media Issue..I was so glad I didnt take it last year..and I thought I've escaped...who knows..DENG DENG DENG! This sem I have to take. Almost every class got work need to show..I already emo 1 la..still like that treat me..really more emo................haih..........whatever la........last sem already...............cincai close eye and endure it and go for internship, that's it. After this sem, no more worrying of noob more worrying of taking subjects that I hate...

The time now is 4:46am. I'm still awake and writing this emo post. Emo until no mood sleep AGAIN! I hope I can have someone I can talk to in real...maybe it can help to reduce my emo'ness...

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