Monday, May 25, 2009


Well this weekend I didn't stay at home haha..went out on both days. Friday I slept 6 hours till midnight, then couldn't sleep till 7 am. After getting into sleep, my mom woke me up at 10.15 am because some renovation guy is coming over and my room's wall need to be repainted. Slept only 3 hours and no place for me to sleep, so I decided to go out. Thought of going Low Yat alone to get new mouse and headset, then maybe go jalan jalan. But after washing face and bath, saw miss call by Gabriel aka PigPig, a guy I know from Garena. He asked me if I wanna go sing K, I thought ok loh since I've nothing better to do also.

Supposed to start at 12pm 1 but no room available so they make it 11am and obviously, I was late of course. 12.30pm only reach there. Wasn't really in the mood to sing K or eat that time coz just wake up ma, still blur blur. But ok la..still had fun ^^ and I really need to practice 1st next time, so many songs I only know chorus XD After sing K, Gabriel and Edward aka BabyRock teman me go Low Yat shopping. Gave me suggestion on which I should get coz I'm really noob with all the electronic stuff haha. Got myself a Logitech mouse (those always seen in CC) and a SonicGear headset (cheap 1 la).

After that, the 2 of them went for a movie and I joined another friend go PJ makan then go wangsa dota. The 2 of them my game friend also, Jo aka crummy and Ah Hao aka Berbatov. Went wangsa and met another 2 more game fren, John aka MoMoFish and mpy which I still duno his name haha (they all call him mpy only). During the da kei session, I wasn't really feeling well coz I'm sitting under the air-cond and not enuff sleep, so kept sneezing and eyes watery + swollen.

Sunday, go out again with them to watch the movie "Night in the Museum 2". That movie, very funny haha..but besides funny, didn't feel anything else =P Before the movie, we yam cha at Krispy Kreme. Finally I get to try the donut haha! Seriously..the donut is really super soft and nice! It's really melting in your mouth! I think it's really better than Big Apple and J.Co, serious, no kidding. If you guys are at Times Square, don't miss it ^^

After movie, they went for supper at Fei Por, a restaurant famous for chicken at Pudu. Previosly, my friend did recommended it to me but that was like years ago and I still didn't go haha. Finally, get to try ^^ They ordered 1/2 a steam chicken, "Fu Yong" egg and fried vege. I just tried a piece of chicken as I wasn't really hungry haha..they 4 finished the others haha..

Pictures will be uploaded at next post as I'm really lazy and not so in the mood that's all for now =)

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