Saturday, May 23, 2009

School Days

I randomly stumble upon this anime one morning when I couldn't get to sleep and all of my friends have gone to sleep. I went to Crunchyroll, was actually just looking around to see if there's any new anime I can actually watch because my line is kind of fast in the AM ^^

While browsing the Anime index, I saw the title School Days. I've always enjoyed watching anime of this genre such as School Rumble, Lucky Star and High School, so I buffer 1 episode to see if it's good. After 1 episode, I find that it's quite interesting and I continue watching till Episode 6 (that's all they have in Crunchyroll =/). The feeling that I got from watching the 6 episodes are kind of sweet and innocent.

Waited for 2 weeks and no one uploaded more of it, and I couldn't wait as Chen Kai told me the ending of this anime is something out of the ordinary. So I went Youtube and search for the remaining 6 episodes. There's a total of 12 episodes for the whole series. After watching..feel very emotional..and somehow..this anime left a deep impact on me. I don't know why..even though I know it's not real but somehow I feel something.

I would really like to recommend you guys to watch this but WARNING! There are some parts of it which is a bit sexual explicit so DO NOT say I intro you all watch hentai ok? Just a bit but not so much or over la...

For Episode 1-6 from Crunchyroll, please Click Here

For Episode 6 from Youtube (High Quality), please Click Here

For Episode after 6 from Youtube, please click from the related video section and make sure you watch the high quality 1 ^^

P/S: In Youtube, each episode is divided into 3 parts, so remember to buffer the next part as well, if not you will feel frustrated having to wait haha =P

Last but not least, hope you guys will enjoy the anime as much as me and do feedback after watching it.

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