Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

Recently after I started working, I have a habit of getting name cards of places I pass by and wanna approach for work purposes. So what I will do is I will just go to their counter and ask them for their name cards, and if I'm asked why do I want it for I will just tell them it's for me to make reservation in future.

After "lying" for so many times, finally I kena cheat back once =.= I went to meet a client last Friday at a spa, everything went on smoothly. If you guys noticed my Facebook status last week, you might remember there was one of my status that says about ppl giving me the WTF face when I tell them I'm single. This is the client that I meant in my post lol..I jokingly ask him why? Wanna intro bf to me? XD

Anyway..as I was about to leave, one of the staff asked me for my name card saying that he have a fren who owns a bar and is interested to do online marketing. So without suspecting anything I just gave him my card la. It's not the first time people intro client to me anyway. I didn't really think much of it until today =.=

Around 6pm, someone with an unknown number called me. I picked up the phone, and he said he is the guy I gave my name card to. I thought he's calling to inquire on behalf on his friend, but no...he's actually calling me to get my permission to call me =.=

Wth man..he ask me if I will drop by that area again and if he can buy me a drink LOL! I really don't know if I should feel funny or shocked or what ~_~ It was then I realised..he doesn't have a friend who owns a bar/pub I assume, and he doesn't have a friend who wants to do online marketing as well. So many awkward silence during the call, I really don't know what to say =.=

FML, retribution for always "cheating" the people I'm taking name cards from I guess.. so girls and guys, don't cheat/lie on others coz some day you will kena back =x wonder if it's this was planned by my client because I jokingly asked him izit wanna intro bf to me =.=

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

I came upon this deal on Groupon and decided to try it out as it's not that far from my place and someone told us that the pasta portion is really big =P I bought 2 Groupons, so brought Leafy with me to eat together =D

Went there last Saturday for lunch, when I reach there it seems like I'm the 1st customer haha.

They have a menu specially for the Groupon customers to choose their pastas and special drinks

Their ala carte menu

I ordered Carbonara with Ham and Mushroom, and Leafy chose Aglio e Olio. We ordered a side dish, Fried Mozzarella Cheese (don't really remember the name d) as well.

My Ice Lemon Tea (to tell the truth, it tasted like Honey Lemon more than Ice Lemon Tea =x)

His Ahmad Green Tea

Finally there starters here!

But I'm kinda disappointed la that the soup of the day is Pumpkin Soup coz I don't drink 1. It's thick, and quite sweet but I wanted something salty T.T The worst part is when I saw a couple sitting behind us using the Groupon too gets Mushroom soup instead of Pumpkin soup! Hey I thought you are not allowed to choose your soup? =/

Then the egg salad came~ If you are my friends you would know that I don't eat vege, but I gave it a try anyway and guess what? It's not that bad afterall XD

My Carbonara with Ham and Mushroom~

Leafy's Aglio e Olio

I kinda enjoyed my pasta actually. It's different from the pastas you have outside, where the sauce taste like it's can made. Leafy views differs mine though, he claimed that his home made carbonara is better than them =P

The Fried Mozzarella Cheese we ordered

This is how it looks like from the inside

The fried Mozzarella is nice too, crispy on the outside and soft from the inside. The melting cheese flowing from the inside, lovely~ BUT the sauce was really salty, and the bread kinda soaked the sauce coz we left it for quite a while before eating it.

Overall, I think this place is somewhat ok, a very elegant and classy place, but quite pricey. The spaghetti cost RM21.90 usually, and I don't think that it's worth that la. As for the soup, the plate is big but very shallow =D

The Verdict: I enjoyed the food for the Groupon price, but I will not go there if I were to pay the full price =D

My 1st Cheque From Nuffnang Finally Arrived!

Finally I have received my 1st cheque from Nuffnang~! I know it's kinda like a ritual for Nuffnangers to post about receiving their 1st cheque right so that's what I'm gonna do as well =P

I actually cashed out around mid January but I waited till March and I have yet to receive my cheque T.T I got in touch with Nuffnang personnel and they told me that my mail might be lost so they will reissue another cheque for me. Thankfully it didn't got lost for the 2nd time haha.

Was so happy when I saw this in my mail box XD

Ta daa~! The long awaited cheque (Almost 3 mths)

I'm not gonna censor the amount =x

I know most bloggers like to basically censor almost everything on the cheque but I won't be doing the same because I think there's nothing wrong about sharing the amount I got although it's not that much. Perhaps it can motivate new bloggers to blog more right? XD

Don't ask me what did I spend it for because it's still untouched haha, the cheque just cleared so I've yet to used any of it. There isn't anything in particular that I wanna buy now anyway =/ Anyway thanx Nuffnang again for the cheque above~ =D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Arghhhhhhh! Still no time/mood to change my blog template yet =/ changing blog skin takes me like 1-2 days usually and I have no inspiration on what I wanna change it into yet haha..

Anyway updates! I'm not sure how many of you are aware that I've quited my old job as "liong dei gun" aka pengukur tanah XD I have got myself a new job as a Business Consultant for Groupon Malaysia and I never regret applying and joining this company

I am quite happy now actually, people always complain about Monday Blues but I have not encountered it yet because it's really enjoyable working in a bungalow located on top of a hill with wacky colleagues.

Here's something to make you guys jealous *evil grins*

We have a swimming pool at our office....

.....and a sun deck with disco balls and our very own Mr Smith!

I also have an E.T colleague

And not to forget Shrek as well ;)

*Photo credits to Joanne*

Besides the photos above, there are actually a lot more awesome people and I noticed that each of them have a unique talent =x Will share with you guys more when I get to know them better I guess =P

Friday, April 8, 2011

I will be back =)

I just decided to blog back, but before I start blogging back most probably I will revamp my blog 1st. That's what I always do when I decide to blog back haha. So stay tune ya ;)