Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Arghhhhhhh! Still no time/mood to change my blog template yet =/ changing blog skin takes me like 1-2 days usually and I have no inspiration on what I wanna change it into yet haha..

Anyway updates! I'm not sure how many of you are aware that I've quited my old job as "liong dei gun" aka pengukur tanah XD I have got myself a new job as a Business Consultant for Groupon Malaysia and I never regret applying and joining this company

I am quite happy now actually, people always complain about Monday Blues but I have not encountered it yet because it's really enjoyable working in a bungalow located on top of a hill with wacky colleagues.

Here's something to make you guys jealous *evil grins*

We have a swimming pool at our office....

.....and a sun deck with disco balls and our very own Mr Smith!

I also have an E.T colleague

And not to forget Shrek as well ;)

*Photo credits to Joanne*

Besides the photos above, there are actually a lot more awesome people and I noticed that each of them have a unique talent =x Will share with you guys more when I get to know them better I guess =P

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