Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just wait? Or...?

As I was looking and gathering my friends who is willing to come out and yamcha, Adrian, my long-time-no-see friend called me. Just right! Got kaki yamcha already haha..so I went and meet him up at Sri Petaling and he introduced his new gf to me ^^ I guess he must have "terasa" from my facebook comment saying he teruk got gf already also didn't tell his friends haha. His gf was kind of nice.

During the yamcha session, Adrian keep ask me what criteria am I looking for in a guy and he will try and find within his network and intro to me if available haha. The questions he asked really make me feel a bit "errrr...". He say he thinks that I should start looking for a bf, especially I'm about to graduate and it's not easy to get a bf in the working world. Besides that, I'm not young anymore lol.

Well, I have thought of the question before and I do know that I'm not young anymore. But still...haven't met the right one, takkan I cincai grab one just for the sake of passing time right..? Seriously, since my last break up I really didnt fall for any guys. I don't know if it's because my social network grew smaller or because I don't socialise as much as I used to anymore resulting my scope to be small.

Don't have means don't have 1 la..no matter how many u intro if no feel means no feel rite? Even if u meet a guy who might meet all ur criterias but sometimes, somehow, it just won't work and the sparks won't light up =/ Seriously sometimes I wonder too what is wrong, is it my problem or the people that I know? I do feel abnormal sometimes for not having any special feeling towards anyone =.="

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