Friday, January 8, 2010

Golden Words

Golden words I learnt from Jr today...

A men who sleeps around with girls is a Hero,
A gal who sleeps around with guys is a Slut.

A key that can open all locks is a Master Key,
A lock that can be opened by all keys is a Shitty Lock.

LoL! I really agree with it so now I'm sharing it with all of you here =P


Siew Ching said... bf saw your post...he said he wants to be hero

cr3ap said...

That's is pretty funny quotes you get from Jr. Well it sounds a bit harsh saying a gal who sleeps around with guys is a slut -.- don't quite agree on that.

Regards from cr3ap

kRaZy said...

haha..seriously I was laughing like mad when he said those quotes hahaha!

kRaZy said...

@Creap: the reason he made it sound so harsh is because they were talking about sexual discrimination haha. Another guy said that it's unfair that girls have Ladies Night but guys don't. So Jr. say girls get discriminated as well as above haha..