Monday, January 11, 2010

M&M's Orange (Limited Edition)

While I was in the Shell's Select store, I saw that they were doing some promotion for the M&M's chocolate. Buy 2 packets (M&M's Milk Chocolate or M&M's Peanut AND M&M's Orange) for only RM4.90. Not much discount I know, but I haven't tried the M&M's Orange before so I bought it haha.

I chose Peanut and Orange =P

The limited edition M&M's Orange ^^

Tried it yesterday. When I opened it, the orange smell is basically like gushing out from the packet haha. It does smell good, but it doesn't taste that good in my opinion =/ I've tried better orange flavoured chocolates than this. I feel that it has a great orange scent, but it doesn't feel that "Orange" when you are eating it.

Anyway it's just my personal opinion haha. Still it would be worth trying because it's Limited Edition afterall =P


seKut taWar said...

wah..i also haven't try this M&M's orange..hoho

cr3ap said...

Haven't try it since you said it's a special edition. Might try it one day even though you said they weren't good :D

Regards from cr3ap

kRaZy said...

haha ya, not to say not good la..but not very good =x limited editions are always worth a try =P