Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday went to Wangsa Maju da kei with Ah Chay, Ah Yik, Kindaichi and Tele. The street was not as full as usual, I reach around 8pm. I park at my usual spot which is the road opposite BRJ there. Open 8hrs package at Tbun (they open 12hrs package le XD), makan dinner then go back da kei.

Kinda enjoy playing lan game with them haha. They are very funny and no need worry lose when play with them lol. But my happiness ends when I walk to my car after finish da kei. Saw a piece of paper between my windscreen and wiper. At first I thought it's some advertisement flyer but I'm so wrong.

This is the piece of paper that I found slipped between my car wiper T_T

See the time they issued this saman!? 8.33pm! Night time already also kena!

Seriously I hang out at that area like 2 years already, and everytime I go there also park at roadside 1. Those of you who've been to Wangsa Maju Sek.2 should know that it's impossible to get legal parking there at night right? And usually everyone will park at the roadside opposite BRJ that row. But... T_T

Anyway, paid my saman already. RM100, but if you pay within 14 days they give you a 50% discount (LoL?). Anyway, now I learnt my lesson, which is you will still kena Saman even though it's already after 6 =/

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