Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mille Crepe @ Food Foundry, Section 17 PJ

Kenny came and find me just now because both of us were damn freaking bored lol. We decided to try out the mille crepe from Food Foundry @ Section 17, PJ.

None of us have been there before, and I remember seeing that the address is at Happy Mansion which I've been to once. It took us quite some time to locate the exact location because yours truly don't really remember the road properly =x We were turning round and round at Section 17 until I can't tahan and go ask someone from Shell. After getting the directions, we started moving again, anxiously hoping that we will see the shop somewhere haha.

Finally, Kenny spotted this and we are so glad that we didn't have to go back empty handed haha!

The signboard of Food Foundry, really happy to see it XD

Seeing all the desserts makes me drool =D~~
*I love desserts*

Food Foundry is famous for Mille Crepe. If you are wondering what is it, Mille Crepe is a French Cake with “mille” meaning “a thousand”. So basically, it's a cake made of crepe with many layers (not a thousand of course lol). I think this is a dessert that is really rare in KL. This is the first time I see and try a Mille Crepe lol. In Food Foundry, they have 3 flavours of Mille Crepe but we only tried 2.

Ta-Daa~!! The main star, Vanilla Mille Crepe ^^

And this is my Strawberry Mille Crepe =)

From it's outlook, I expected it to taste like sponge cake layered with strawberry and custard, but the first bite proved me wrong instantly! It is made of many thin crepes stacked together, so you can feel the layers. It is not sticky, and quite light. The fillings is not too sweet too, and I don't know why I think there's something "cheesy" about the fillings although I'm not sure if it contains cheese or not lol.

I tried Kenny's Vanilla Mille Crepe, it's nice but I prefer my strawberry one =x Vanilla is the best seller though. The Vanilla Mille Crepe is priced at RM8 each, while the strawberry and chocolate ones are priced at RM9 each. For me, it's worth trying la. It's not something you can find everywhere, and it's taste good too. I wouldn't mind going back to have more next time =P


jfook said...

Vanilla Mille Crepe NICE!

kRaZy said...

Lol u try before also? Maybe coz I only tried a bit gua so I prefer my strawberry? =x

kenwooi said...

looks yummy! =)

kRaZy said...

it is yummy! ^^

woaini_87 said...

yummy yummy

Seraph said...

looks good =)

and there is an error...its section 17...
ss17 is in subang jaya =)

kRaZy said...

oops ya hor..haha i will change it now =P thanx for correcting me :)

cr3ap said...

Nice, I have been here before once for dinner, but quite some time ago, I think we ordered a carrot cake to share. 0,0 forgotten how its taste :D. But I think it's a nice place.

Regards from cr3ap

Nikel Khor said...

ya..i noe tis nice..

from Nikel Khor

Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer the ones from Humble Beginnings and they are even priced lower. They just started in KL and PJ.

Check out

Kalanithi said...

i tried both vanilla and strawberry..i prefer vanilla and yes this is one of the best cake i've tasted..thumbs up!!!