Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Busy

Today will be a busy day for me because..

1. Going to Croc's Launch with FeeQ!
This is something very random haha. I added FeeQ on Facebook this morning and while chatting he asked if I wanna join him for the Croc's Launching which happens to be at Mid Valley 10.30am later. Since it's near to my house, why not? =P But will be there till 1pm++ only because..
I did meet up with FeeQ, but it's a closed event and for those with invitations only. FeeQ didn't know about it too, so nvm loh. Walk around Mid Valley, then was planning to go home until..

2. Going back to college to collect my transcript at 2pm
Besides collecting my transcript, I'm also meeting up with my dear friends. They are only free after 2pm, most probably will go makan minum together after I'm done ^^ Kind of miss them although I've just seen them few weeks ago lol..Btw, good luck for your exams which is starting next week!
...I received a call from Rachel telling me that she is not going to college today. So gathering cancel, I head off to college straight away since I don't need to meet up with them anymore. Collected my transcript, my result.. A- . Somehow that lil small dash there made my mood went down..can I just liquid it off? =(

3. Date Night screening @ TGV 1 Utama, 9pm.
To those of you who've read my previous posts would know that I've won the free invites for Date Night by Nuffnang. Well it is tonight, and I've asked my friend, Josh to watch it with me =) The ticket collecting session will start at 8pm, so I'm planning to go straight from college and maybe shop a while before the screening =P

So, I will be out from morning till night, I doubt there will be any more updates today besides this post =P Wishing everyone to have a great day too~ ^^


Nikel Khor said...

wah...so many planing d

HenRy LeE ® said...

lol... so kelian... enjoy ur date night XD

FeeQ said...


Krispy kreme on me XD

kRaZy said...

Plans only, in the end 2 canceled =(

Lol ok la..at least got 1 and a half plan still on XD

Nvm la =P