Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day At Damansara

Went out with Jayleo today for the Croc's Warehouse Sales @ Ikano. We wanted to see if we can get any nice deals there haha. Our plan was to go to his college first to settle his things, then go over to the Crocs Warehouse sale and have a look. I drove to his place to meet him first, then follow his car =P

Today is supposed to be Preview Sales, and supposedly only certain group of people can enter BUT they did not check at all lol -_-" It wasn't really that big, but there are a lot of Crocs on sales there, and some of it are even still selling in their shop now. Crocs shoes at the warehouse sales is ranging from RM80-100, while the original price is ranging from RM130-230 lol.

We saw some people who are actually buying a BOX of Crocs shoes =.= I know la it's almost 50% off, but need to buy so many pairs or not? How many pair of feet do you have anyway =x We walked around for only 15mins then went out already haha. None of us got anything from the warehouse sales =/ but I saw my friend, Botakai there haha.

On our way to Ikea, we passed by Brands Outlet and Jayleo told me their shirts are nice and cheap. Curious, so I went in, and...I bought 3 t-shirts for RM50 LOL! They really have a lot of graphic T, and the designs are too cute for me to resist =x

The 3 T-shirts I bought lol

Next we went to Ikea to have lunch, Curry Puff + Bottomless softdrink XD The curry puff is quite nice lol. Sit there makan and chit chat for about an hour, then went to The Curve jalan jalan.

Jayleo looking at girls(?) =P

Acting cool haha

We sat there a while, and look at a group of people opposite us, trying to figure out their relationships haha! We were like:

Jayleo: I think that girl is the maid of the lady sitting there.

kRaZy: Yameh? I think she's the sister of the kid la not maid.

Jayleo: But she looks like the maid, and the other 1 also looks like maid.

I think that 2 lady is friends, and that 2 is their maid?

The discussion above went on till they left, and we finally know who's the maid and who's not. We even mistook a staff who works there as a maid XD Quite mou liu, but funny at the same time haha. Went back home not long later. Happy I got 3 new T-shirts XD


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Wa, go pak tor la.. XD

kRaZy said...

Not paktor la =.=

HenRy LeE ® said...

Yeah u both very mou Liu.... But very suit each other hor... Haha

kRaZy said...

Coz we got NBTD (Nothing Better To Do) lol..

-JayLeo™- said...

suit ur head.
don't worry henry bro. I will jaga ur wife when u're busy... but i wont tackle her de =D

eh. saw a nice shirt for u henry!

and... krazy, u shud take d F-OFF shirt =\

kRaZy said...

Wife wat wife zzz...i dowan be like the kakak ok?

~Bloggerina~ said...

i love ikea! crocs,not so much