Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PC Fair @ KLCC

I went to PC Fair last Sunday with Henry, Alvin and his friends. Well I have nothing to buy actually, I just thought go jalan-jalan and find Kyrilx who told me he will be at the WCG room the whole weekend.

When we reached there, met up with Alvin and Nic at the KLCC's Food Court for lunch. After lunch we walked over to the Convention Center for PC Fair. WCG's room was located at 3rd floor, when I reach there I call Kyrilx but he didn't answer T_T

I still went in anyway and tried Guitar Hero XD It's nice to play, but I kept pressing the wrong key. Need sometime to get used to it haha.. Not long later, he sent me an sms telling me that he's not because WCG canceled the tourney so we left and continue to walk around.

Alvin met another friend too in another hall, and he joined us. The 3 of them were busy taking photos of the hot show girls XD With 3 big DSLRs around me, I didn't really took much photo with my phone's camera haha.

Got this free Polaroid photo from Western Digital.

I forced asked them to teman me take photo with the mascot again XD It is actually a contest, and the 1 with the funniest pose will win a camera I think. I only found out about the contest part after asking the staff if we are allowed to take photo with the mascots.

Saw this really cool Red Glitter guy in the hall selling speakers

Beautiful weather with beautiful view~

At the 2nd last hall, things sold there are more general and not specified or grouped. There were GPS, camera gadgets, printers, cables, softwares and much much more. We saw Olympus booth, and I took a card which says 3D effect but I couldn't figure out what's 3D about it until Alvin showed me XD See this...

1. The plain looking 3D card that I took from the counter

2. And here comes the Magic!! A camera will actually pop out from the card when it's in front of the special webcam by Olympus!

3. The magically popped out camera

We finished walking around 4pm. Went to A&W to yamcha, and Jayleo asked if we would like to go to Sg Wang to catch Mayday (五月天) perform. We went there, and waited for almost 2hrs, but it started to rained heavily when they were about to perform =.=

The crazy fans who stood under the rain for their idol

I decided to go home, because it's raining and it's not like we can see anything by standing far far behind. Anyway it was great to meet Alvin, Nic and Bert. Thanx for reading my boring PC Fair post.

P/S: If you want PC Fair gals photo, kindly visit Alvin and Henry's blog =D


Sly Nolan said...

those fan are reli crazeeee~

Ryan said...

I wonder how is the 3D card gonna be applied in real life

kRaZy said...

Yup lol..

No idea XD