Friday, February 5, 2010

Zinger Tower Vouchers Arrived Finally

Those of you who read my blog would have know that I took part in the KFC Zinger Tower Feed Me Fast Contest and won 2 Zinger Towers =P They are supposed to email the winners, but after a week I still didn't get any emails from them. They asked the winners to email them instead =/ I think this contest really sux but I still want my burgers so...unwillingly email them my details.

Another week later, there's a package for me. Wee~~ Finally my burgers are here XD

Eagerly open it =P

There's a letter inside, open it as well. I was expecting vouchers inside but...

.....they gave letters instead haha.

So finally I've got my burgers =D haven't claim any of it yet. Chinese New Year now don't really have the time for fast food haha. Anyone wanna eat with me? =P Let me know, I might give you one keke >=P


FeeQ said...

Bring me bring me... hehe... click ur ads too XD

Anonymous said...

i honestly love all your posting type, very charming,
don't quit and also keep penning seeing that it just very well worth to look through it,
excited to browse way more of your own content, have a good one :)

kRaZy said...

Although I do not know who u r, but thanx a lot for ur compliments ^^ It does motivate me to continue writing =)