Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Sick Again T_T

Got sore throat a few days ago, but it wasn't so serious yet. But after another 2 days, still haven't recover and it got worst at CK's house. Kept sneezing while playing cards haha..

Now officially sick, with bad sore throat and running rose. Slept almost whole Friday, and finally I stayed at home. Been going out everyday since the 1st Day of Chinese New Year and screwed up my sleeping time teruk teruk as well.

Go out at night, come back morning, sleep at afternoon, and wake up at night again. That's the reason why I got sick I think haha.

Hope I can recover soon =/


FeeQ said...

Take medicine ya... sleep + more rest XD

kRaZy said...

Thanx, so sweet of you~* =D

Nikel Khor said...

take care lor..

from Nikel Khor

kRaZy said...

thanx nikel ^^