Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This Is Still My Refuge Place

After so long, I still can't find a better alternative than blog when you have things happening around you and you don't know who to tell. Typing things down will definitely make you feel much more relieved at the end of the post.

Looking back at my old posts, to be honest I haven't really changed much compared to 4-5 years ago lol. My thoughts and opinions are still more or less the same. I guess it's a bad sign that I did not progress in terms of mental development? Haha..I wish I can stay 23 forever T_T

Back to my blog today to write about you being yourself. To be or not to be? People always say that others who can accept you for who you are are not worth your time, but is that really true? And can you really walk the talk? Saying is much much much much easier than doing.

I thought my post is gonna be longer than this, but as I reach here I realised I don't have much things to write anymore, at least not for now..maybe I will be back again when I feel like it?

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