Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 DowN, 3 to Go!!

Muahaha! 2 papers over already, 3 more to go. Psychology ok lah..IM ah...sure no A already 1 =(
cant focus study ler..always open my notes and I will be reading it but I'm juz reading it without knowing wat im reading LoL. Then read halfway I will go see this and that, play this and that or think about something unrelated haha. My mind is wandering around like a wanderer XD I think it's because holiday soon and I really can't wait for it haha. I WANNA GO HOLIDAY!! Who's not from KL and dun mind to invite me to their place and play? =D

I need to go somewhere relax! I need to go somewhere different and do something different! Actually I still wanna go Redang the most T_T but nvm la..im gonna be posting a new poll, it's something that came to my mind at random and I would really like to know what ppl thinks ^^

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