Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ScReWiNg PeoPLe iN tHiS PoSt =)

Finals next week..I still haven't started studying and there are assignments which I need to do. WTF la! I've been skipping many classes, and now still need meet deadlines. No need study already loh. Die la..recently I'm like changing into an anti-social =.=" all I want to do is stay at home alone. I'm not interested in going out with my friends, even class also I lazy go. Losing my motivation to study day by day. I know I should appreaciate that I have the chance to study but somehow..history seems to be repeating itself again. That's what happened in my secondary school years. I lost motivation to study and skip school often. All I like is gaming..that is something I can do everyday without doubt but why cant I do the same for study T_T quite worried also will I really turn into an anti-social who just stays at home alone all the time not wanting to know and care what's happening outside. My life is a mess, and I admit I've got no discipline. What would you expect from a person who has got loads of freedom since the age of 15? I can do what I like when I want and when I feel like doing it. I've spoilt myself with that lifestyle dun manage my time well..I still do wat i want to do whenever I want. That includes gaming till early in the morning and skip class >.< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 255, 51);">BITCH. Many headed snake and bossy. Want to know how am i doing with my part dun ask me directly but keep annoy ricky. I was in a real bad mood when Ricky told me wat happen. So i sent an SMS to her to tell her anything ask me directly. She replied me saying that I'm action and this and that. Next morning, I thought dowan so bad la plus I reacted in such manner coz I was in a bad mood so I said sorry maybe i misunderstood her to give her some face. BUT that BITCH go tell everyone like she was RIGHT and I AM WRONG!
damn her la..I give her face dowan go so over then she say like this. Now I've learnt my lesson, dont be soft hearted to those u F***'ed because if u do so they will thought that you are afraid of them and giving in.FOR YOUR INFO I DONT GIF A DAMN ABOUT YOU BECAUSE IM NOT EVEN FRIENDS WITH YOU IN THE 1ST PLACE! Go get a life, and I dun care even if we don't talk anymore coz I've nvr ever talked to u anywat until we were in the same group. Advice for u, dun always think that ur the smartest person on earth and like to count so much carry calculator with you wherever u go la!

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