Saturday, August 2, 2008

My BloG's NeW LooK aFteR "ReNoVatiOn" =P

haha finally i took a bit of my time to "renovate" my blog a's not so empty now and has got MORE COLOURS =D i wanna thank >>>Edward<<< for helping me to figure out how 2 edit HTML so that i can attach the emo pic to my blog's background tired,everyday sleep less than 6hrs and im only sleeping in the's not that i dowan to sleep but i can't sleep T_T *sob sob* perhaps it might sound a bit weird for u all,but i need mood to sleep LOL! when i am moody..i can go to the extreme that i dun even haf the mood to eat or sleep =x it's bad but wat to do..used to it d's saturday evening now,weather in KL if freaking hot this few days. havent been raining for quite some time...crossing fingers hoping that it will rain soon. cant stand the heat wave..even sleeping also can sweat =.=" for my blog "renovation" i will stop here 1st coz er..kinda lazy hehe ^^" i've included links to songs that I Like and not everyone like =x juz click on the link to listen and feel free to leave a comment at my Shoutbox. damn i love playing with colours now haha! XD

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