Saturday, August 9, 2008

HoW CouLd tHis HaPPeN to Me T_T

It's friday yesterday, due date for our last and final project. I thought that we can just hand the thing in and I will still have 2 days left to study for my finals which will be starting on Monday. Slept only 1 hour then went to college for the some touch up and conversion of files. From 10.30am till 5pm and we thought "Yes! Finally done!" But we are so wrong T_T we went to our lecturer to get the permission to use one of the lab because only the lab has Macromedia Director. He came over and have a look at our almost completing work, then he ask, "Hey,how come your video got no welcoming screen? where is the disclaimer? your profiles? information?". We were all like WTF!? We need all those things?? It was 5.30pm then and we were supposed to hand in by 6pm =.=" None of us saw the example he showed others because most of us late enrolled and didnt went for class in the first 2 weeks. All of us quite devastated but thankfully, the lecturer pity us and willing to extend the deadline to Monday 9am.

Confession of a student who haven't studied:
Die la..I really what also havent start studying ah T_T I am scared now T_T I dowan to fail T_T my IM coursework now only 9.XX/20 and I dont think we will get high marks for the project which carries 20%. I'm GG'fied this time T_T hopefully I can finish my part today then I will study!!! I really will appreciate my last day tomorrow IF I can complete my work for 2day *hopefully* and hope I really will study =x The reason I'm so free to blog now is because I'm downloading the QuickTime Player setup which is needed for my project. 88% only now haha..

To aLL oF yOu WhO WiLL Be HaViNg ExAm:
GooD LuCk FoR YoUr ExAM!
aLL Da BeSt!

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