Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ReaLLy LoSt

im really lost at the moment..im stuck between many things. i've always trusted my intuition when i do anything..my feelings is already telling me the answer..i know also..but then..sumtimes cant control myself from "langgar papan"..is this call "fan jin"? seriously quite down now..been down for at least 2 weeks d..wanna find a person i can talk to ezily also hard..dowan talk nvm..at least go out walk walk maybe can feel better but i dun even know where i wanna go..whenever got the chance to go genting sure something will happen to me..my only chance to sit at a cold place emo alone also gone..he wun know wat or how i think,coz he dun care anymore..and i've got no place 2 emo coz hse kenot dota..i quit cabal already..no game = no place to release emo. everyday stone in front of the pc..look at my hp..scroll phone book up and down..read my sms..for wat? really damn ntg to do..not to say i got ntg do actually but there isn't anything that i really want to do..wanted to go redang but clash with "ghost festival",wanna go travel alone but dun haf the courage..wanna retain my frenship wif some1..but wat is gone is gone i guess..we will never be fren anymore..acquaintance perhaps..but not frens anymore...u wun ever read this blog but still..wanna say bye and all the best to you..take care...我不会再想你了 =)


Edward said...

my gosh....why u emo to max wei?? c'on, cheer up...yea yea, go travel could make u feel better...go go... =)

kRaZy said...

i wanna go also ler..but scared also haha..feel like going langkawi, or penang, or perak all alone~ but when i think of driving along got a bit worry d XD thanx 4 cheering me up~ =P

kRaZy said...

i feel so useless..can say kenot do..i tried but somehow i will still think back..zzz