Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Do I Want?

After leaving my blog so long im writing in it again haha..i notice my blog quite empty =/ wat to camera/camera phone is like that 1's sunday stoning at home with ntg 2 do but emo on my stupid line. the ppl from the company promised to fix my prob soon..well the soon,is quite soon..1 mth and still the same..they duno that internet is very important for a gamer..thanx to them my lil wiz is stuck at lvl135,craft lvl still lvl3,items kenot sell..and they cant even gif me a reason y is the line so slow can i not be pissed off? called them so many times..even went to their HQ,only know how 2 tell me "Please be patient,I will forward your case to the technical side. thank you." thanx ur ass! i pay money not juz to msn at home ok? no o2jam,no cabal,no dota..wat game also dun haf. gaming was the only life i more games wat other life do i haf?? thanx to them im at home stoning everyday when i dun need to do assignments..juz sleep and hope my line will be better when i on my pc..

while stoning..suddenly think of a person lol. this person i met him in work last time..i work there for 2 weekends..since i saw him wanted to know him but i dun dare lol..then somehow we talked also i know his name only lol. on my last day i wanted to ask him for his contact,but once again i dun dare lol..from the time i start working until end,i didnt ask..then on my way home to my fren's hse i keep regretting haha..i regretted for almost 5 mths until nov i think. i happened to be in 1u (that's where he work),then i saw my fren working there lol. i told her my story and she say she help me she created chance for us to meet..then dump me as usual haha..he remember me. was happy. but the thing is..after i got his number,it's like i dun care about this guy anymore lol! i didnt think about the incident anymore,i didnt even sms him =.=" it's like i want to get his number juz for the sake of getting it lol. so that makes me wonder..wat do i want actually ya? i tot i like him that's y regret haha! but it doesnt seem to be this way =/

a bit sad's like i cant give up my past..i always tend to mix around wif ppl i know last time,talk to ppl i know last time,cant 4get things that happened b4 last time. everything is last time. i will miss ppl i know last time and keep comparing those things in my past wif now. i know we shouldnt look backward but that's wat im doing =.=" haihz..

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