Friday, May 30, 2008


freaking moody now..sien..i duno wat happened not really following my classes..most of the time in class half there half not..then sometimes some class really damn noisy..make ppl a bit pissed off..they think it's funny but at times it gets annoying..then basketball..i juz wanna play for fun,i've never think of playing it serious..i dun care if im a noob or wat,it's juz something i do for leisure not as profession..i dowan to train! i dowan to join any team or watsoever! dun force me pls..i say dowan means dowan. then..the next thing..i hope u guys will know..yes frens and frens should treat each other good but shouldnt there be a limit as we r juz frens? dun treat me too good pls..i cant stand it..makes me feel very uncomfortable..i dowan to be treated special or wat,im juz an ordinary person,ur ordinary fren..if u want me as fren..u know wat to sorry but seriously..i cant stand makes me feel like im owing u coz u do so much stuff 4 me..i dun like to owe ppl especially favors..i wanna treat u as fren too but u do like this i very hard to pretend ntg happen =.=" haih..and i really hope can be alone..i juz dun feel like sticking to ppl..haihz duno la!!!!


MOoMOoLanD said...

seems like someone is MOo MOo dy xD
cHiLL lar~ escape the social complicated world by skilling crabs at port lux xD

kRaZy said...

lol thanx..when r u gonna start ur blog? =x

MOoMOoLanD said...

when i noe how to blog xD
computer nub here T_T

phyne said...

woahhh, seriously that moody meh??? even in basketball court also moody?? hmmm, i think i can assume what happen, something to do with tim rite??? LOL, wish i were still the president and everyone happy...LOL