Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Semester,New Beginning?

well long time didnt update my blog coz im sooooooooooooo busy gaming haha =P i didnt know got ppl actually read my blog lol! my holiday came and went juz like that T_T without realising it 2 weeks have gone haha..but i gave myself 1 week "extra holiday" coz i havent get the money to enrol from my loan and my mom =P 3 weeks of hardcore gaming for me..everyday wake up cabal,then play play play until tired open shop afk and go sleep. the next day when i woke up,trip continues haha..i wanted to go shopping but i juz cant bear to leave my character unattended at home >.<>.< game ="x" social ="P">.< Got C+ for my marketing..pathetic. didnt expected this..i know how 2 answer the questions 1 ler! but those that i duno how to do and i thought i will do badly still ok la..hmm..duno wat else to write for now. juz back from college few hrs ago and my line is bad,cant game haha..

go watch drama while enjoying my mcflurry =D tata~

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