Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thinking too much again..

well once again the creative mind of mine start thinking stupid things again..feeling moody..haih..duno want how 2 say..and i duno can find who..i really duno..i juz know,i think back of a lot of stuff again..and suddenly im moody..2day i feel like contacting ppl i've neglected for some time..i sms them..all of them replied as if it's so damn weird that they receive an sms from me..zzz..all reply by asking y u sms me? izit that strange that im keeping in touch wif an old fren? then juz now play truth or dare with my old frens at fren's hse..suddenly something which i didnt think of for quite some time surface again..actually i've always feel that something is wrong's been really quite some time since i really like a guy =.=" it's not that im desperate or wat..and it's not that im not enjoying my life now..but somehow..i feel kind of can i not haf feelings for any1? =.=" i duno ler..watever for fun..k la..the end.


Anonymous said...

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MOoMOoLanD said...

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