Sunday, July 13, 2008

Juz aNotheR Day..

well 2day is my 21st birthday..21 yrs old longer a kid >.< not really that happy..1st time bday no cake T_T 21st bday supposed to be grand but for me is juz a yamcha session wif frens haha..i dun really mind coz i didnt even plan anything for my bday,that's wat i do every year anyway haha..but somehow..this year really dun haf the happy feeling at all..not much ppl remember my bday (as usual, i dun mind though coz i nvr go hebohkan to every about my bday haha..but kinda sad..some ppl i am close to dun know it's my bday not gonna tell them though..this proves how "fren" we are ^^ well it's ok..i can celebrate myself,make myself happy and treat myself good =D (although i always treat myself good anyway lol!) thanx to those who remembered my bday,those who wished me..i will cont emo XD

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Edward said...

haaaaaappppppyyyyyyy beeeeeelllllllaaaatttttteeeeddd bIRTHDAY......heheh