Thursday, September 4, 2008

My ReDaNg TriP ^^

Yoz~! I'm back from my trip to Redang! =D I will haf to state it 1st there there will be no pictures yet in this post coz im juz home and need time to settle all the videos and pics haha. I juz wanna write it out 1st so that I won't miss out any details =P I went to Redang with my 5th uncle (my diving instructor) and 2 more gals (samantha and vincy). The 2 of them is taking their Open Water Diving License while I'm there for my Advance Diving License. We gather at 10.30am on 1/9/08 (Monday) and head to Kuala Terengganu. On our way we stopped at a restaurant in Cherating named Restaurant Duyong for our lunch. Then we took another stop at Cukai in Terengganu for tea time at a coffee shop name Hai Ping, which is quite famous there. Further on we stopped at Pantai Kemasik for some picture snapping sessions coz it has really nice view ^^ After the last stop we head straight to Kuala Terengganu and stayed a night at Hotel Mutiara KT. We took about 8hrs to reach there haha. Had dinner at Terengganu's China Town and went back to sleep. The next morning we all woke up around 5-6am coz almost all of us cant sleep well lol. Went for breakfast at China Town again around 8am, and we went to Merang Jetty to catch our ferry to Redang.

I sat alone during the ferry trip coz the place they r sitting is quite stuffy. I went to the upper dock and enjoy the breeze there. About half an hr later, suddenly a lady shouted, "Hey got shark!". So I turned and look in curiosity lah. turns out to be a skool of dolphins and not shark! It's really pretty..3-4 dolphins jumping like how I've always watched it in cartoon ^^ the staffs there said that it is rare to see dolphins and those who see it will be in luck. Well although I'm not too sure about it but who will mind having a bit more luck? =P Upon arival we collected our luggage and move to our room. We stayed at Redang Bay Resort which is beside Redang Pelangi Resort. The staffs there were friendly. We changed into our swimsuits almost immediately to prepare for our 1st dive there, shore diving. It's something like a dive to get us prepared for the bigger dives later. Sam and Vincy are doing their things like unequipping and equipping back all the gears we are wearing while I haf to do navigation. So scary ler..I haf to swim alone and try to do navigation with the compass I haf. If I fail to navigate means I will be lost from them and stranded all alone T_T Oh ya, we have a marine hazard for the entire trip which was Jelly Fish! It's their season now so divers have to be careful while diving. That's wat made my navigation scarier T_T I'm afraid that I will meet 1 haha but thankfully I didnt and I successfully completed the 3 types of Navigation.

After the 1st dive, we went back up for our lunch and about 1-2hrs later we proceed with our 2nd dive ^^ 2nd dive is shore diving also but this time we went deeper, around 8ft-15ft if I'm not mistaken. This time we have more things to see, more fishes, corals, sea cucumbers and loads more! After the 2nd dive we went back up and took our tea break provided from the resort. After having our tea we all went to the "net bed" and lie down there awaiting 8.30pm, where we will have our 1st night dive! So scary u know, by 7.30pm it's like so damn dark ady and I need to get into this freaking dark water with juz torch light! I have never ever even swim at the sea during the night and now I have to dive sumore! But what to do, I don't do the night dive I can't get my license, so juz "ding ngang siong" la..the 3 of us were seriously scared lol. All we have is juz a torch light. Without the torch light we wun be able to see wat's below us -_-" Then u know la..we all haf creative minds,start imagining things like what if..a hand appear suddenly >.< underwater ="x" me =".=" power ="D" name ="x)." bottom =".=" us ="D." them =".=" happened =".=">.< panicking ="x" jellyfish =".=" lazy ="P" great ="P" la ="/" gg =".=" legs ="P" vomiting =".=" ady ="/" only ="x">.< Then he gave it back to me and we went yamcha a while after I bought my anklet. Sat for about 1/2hrs only and it's time for me to go already. Well I haf to say this trip is really great. I get to relax, enjoyed myself, and I get to know some great new frens too. All like wat I had wanted. But my necklace kenot fix there la..coz they dun haf that service =/ It was really nice..I enjoy sleeping on the "net bed" the most, the feeling is really..Wow! Lying on it during the evening, enjoying the breeze that seems to blow nonstop. I really fell asleep on it lol. And nice to know the staffs there who are so frenly and nice ^^ Bring me around and let me experience their entertainment haha..

That's all for now I guess..Photos and videos will be uploaded as soon as I get my hands on it ^^
Bye bye Redang..I will miss u =(

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