Friday, September 12, 2008


U might be wondering "what body??" but I'm actually referring to the Thai horror movie named Body XD I believe the Thai title would be Vault #19.

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I duno if u know that I'm actually quite a big fan of horror movies especially Thai ones. Horror movie used to be dominated by Japanese with their "The Ring" series, and later took over by Korean with their the "Something" series such as The Phone, The Wishing Stairs and a lot more. Thai horror movie started gaining ppl's attention since "NangNak" if I'm not mistaken ^^ But the 1 I like best from Thailand is still "Shutter" =D For me, I think that Shutter really manage to scared me a little and those effects, nice! I think that "The Maid" of Singapore is not too bad either. The way they use to scared their audience, very different from the Japan/Korea type where they actually show you that the ghost is coming and scare when it suddenly move to that person's face. For The Maid, those ghost juz suddenly pop up out of no where and their sound effect is enuff to make a person jump up lol (referring to my friend =P)

Anyway, back to the movie Body. This movie I think that it's not too bad. The storyline is a bit unique. Not like the normal expected thingy. It was like kind of boring at 1st. Not much eerie scenes. But halfway through the movie, it started to be more interesting. The storyline was like "spaghetti" at the beginning, tangled up and we all wondering y this happen and y that happen. But the truth unveils at the ending of the story. And thankfully they haf the answers to all the mystery they created in the beginning of the story leaving us the audience satisfied as the movie end =D I'm not gonna tell u the story here coz dowan to be a spoiler haha. I think I will soon create a section in my blog with links to horror movies so you guys can watch it on9 if u r interested =P

I will rate 4/5 for the movie Body
*This is what I think only, if after watching you don't think so dun blame me =P*

P/S: The moral of the story is don't get a psychiatrist as girlfriend ;)
(If u wanna know y then watch urself la! =P)

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