Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Being Attack!

Wahaha..yea I kena attack by not by anyone, by flu! =/ Suddenly keep sneezing non stop, argh! Nose also red already T_T hopefully I wun fall sick =( my sis also sick ady in Dubai, so sad to hear that, fever and she still has to work. Finally I got the videos and pictures we took from Redang but it's in some format unknown to me and only programs like nero and power DVD can play -_-" it is nicely edited though, so I wanna thank my uncle for his effort haha =D but hopefully I can get my hands on the unedited version asap coz I want those pics! Got a lot nice scenery pics I took ler =/

After going through 2 long sem, suddenly I feel that short sem is really short! Haha, funny statement rite? =P But seriously, only 7 weeks and now already passed 2 weeks. Left 5 weeks and need produce a magazine and duno wat else project and assignments. Like a bit rush =.=" I'm grouping with Pui Mun for the Intro to Journalism project, which is to produce a magazine. We need to think of a theme to follow and the thing that came to my mind 1st was food haha. Dun ask me why, I duno either =x I think food will be ez to do, and it might be a bit common. Then even if we both agree to do food, we still need to think wat sort of food we wanna do =/ I hope can do something special/unique and interesting as well. Any ideas? Help help me leave some opinion as comments for me lah can? =P If ur idea is chosen, I will be producing it ler, so I'm getting ur idea to become a real thing. This is call "1 stone 2 bird" hahaha! XD

$#!t, I'm crapping again =x anyway ur ideas will be much appreciated~ pls help k? =P

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