Saturday, September 27, 2008

kRaZy tHe eMo 1 =P

haha..yea~ i changed my background pic. And yea~ it's another emo picture haha..I duno y, I am juz attracted by the art of emo. I do appreciate it and I think it's unique =x maybe because I'm an emo person too so I can understand this haha. Because the background picture is made up of mostly white so I changed my font to orange. Will it be too hard to read? I've set up a poll..pls do vote so I know if I should change it or not. Btw it's 1 week holiday for me haha. It's a Raya + Mid Term + Study break haha..3-in-1, Inti really good at this lol. Anyway..recently not much stuff to write.

I am still boring as usual,I am almost the same except the fact that I cant watch drama online anymore bcoz something went wrong wif my connection which I duno wat is it. Previously at least I can still game but also kenot d..line lag. Kenot browse sites well, kenot stream dramas, and kenot even game now T_T sad sad..but nvm least,still got MSN(?) haha..ANyway..time to sleep. Havent sleep since yday.
Good Morning (NIght) everyone =P

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