Sunday, September 7, 2008

feeling Stupid...

I'm feeling kind of stupid now haha..although ntg happen yet but I'm preventing the same thing to happen again. Although I'm not sure if the 2 subjects are from the same kind but I think I should not be so stupid and experiment it as I might not be able to take it if it's proven that the 2 subjects are the I should juz cut it off ASAP I belief..even though there might be a slight chance that the 2nd subject is not the same as the 1st..but somehow..I guess I juz dun dare to take the risk..So juz stay's still early for me to do so now..Actually I already know I should be doing this when that happened, but somehow a part of me is stupid enough to blind myself from seeing what I should do since the start. That is why I'm feeling so stupid now..kena before once dun scared 1, still want kena again..stupid.

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