Monday, September 22, 2008

Frustrated ah!!

Damn sien la..last time I always complain my line cannot play games, but now..can play games but I cant stream drama..argh! Not only that..web browsing is freaking slow too but for game, thumbs up. Haih..y cant I haf it both T_T Moonlight resonance episode 39 and 40 came out on Sunday but my connection down 1 whole day so didnt get to watch. 2day can on9 back but I cant stream the drama T_T

Besides my line prob..2day I found out something haha..yday someone called me, we chat on the phone a while. Then suddenly came to the topic of him being a great flirter haha. When we met few years ago at WCG, he told his fren the next day that he like me. I was quite surprised actually haha..but somehow, we dun haf each other's msn/hp no plus my fren tell me dun date him coz he's a flirty guy so I listen to my fren and didnt think anything about it lo. After that..somehow we manage to get each other's number/msn and kept in touch as fren. He asked me yday jokingly if that was the reason that I didnt consider him last time ahah. He say gif me 24hrs to think the question haha. Actually I didnt answer 1..until midnite ntg do so sms tell him ya that was the reason haha..after that I asked him back if he really liked me b4, he replied me ya also..he said because I didnt responded so he gave up. Lol I really duno if he answered honestly or wat..but actually that time I got a bit attracted by him also 1, but ppl keep telling me he is a playboy, and age gap which I couldn't accept back then made me ignored him. Although now ntg already between us, thinking back still feel..haha..makes me wonder wat would haf happened if I really went out with him. Anyway, I'm glad to have a fren like you, allowing me to disturb u when I emo =x I'm really afraid that I will take you for granted like wat I did b4 to someone..hope that u can tell me when I've crossed the limit.. =(

..that is IF u ever read this blog which I doubt u will haha XD

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