Sunday, September 28, 2008

PhOtO tiMe ^^

Finally I've got the photos and videos I took during my Redang trip =D Finish editting the size and capturing some of it out of the video already ^^ I wun be posting all of coz, so if u r interested to see all of it, click here.

~The Peaceful View of Redang~

Love this picture very much ^^

My Favourite "Hang"out Spot at Redang haha..

Clown Fish and Anemone

Can you spot the impostor? =P

Lionfish ^^

Ready to Go! =P

Jellyfishy~ ^^

kRaZy in action XD


the 1st puffer fish in black and white I mentioned ^^

The 2nd puffer fish in yellow and black which I mentioned also =P

Parrot Fish

I duno wat to call this.. =/ sea leaf? LoL!

I duno call wat again =x

PeaCe~ (^_^)V

Graduation =P

From Left: Darius, Waltives, Samantha, ME, Vincy

Me and Zainal the Dive Master I mentioned ^^

Me and Christopher the staff I mentioned =)

Eating coconut the with a coconut made spoon =P


I just like the colour so much..

Well that's all I'm posting here..can't wait to go another trip again haha..thanx for wasting ur time scrolling down all the way haha XD

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