Monday, September 15, 2008

GiRLs Are DuMb?

Do you agree with the statement that Girls Are Dumb? I duno about u all but I agree with it. Girls are dumb....when it comes to love. Besides that, I dun think girls are dumb haha. Recently so many things happened to my gal friends. Wat they did really make me feel that girls are dumb in love, but I know they can't control either haha..actually i also got stupid before last time. I did many stupid things too even when I know it's not worth it. Anyway listen to the story and judge urself =)

Case #1:
I got a fren X (gal). We know since secondary skool. We use to be quite close during our skool years but some incidents happened and I stopped talking to her. After around 1 mth we start talking back but somehow I got the gap with her. So I'm no longer close with her and I dun really find her much. Her bf is another fren of mine,call him Y. He's my gaming fren and they 2 met also because of me and CK intro 1. Then they started dating around last year. Since she started dating she didnt really join us anymore. I dun care and dun mind anyway coz:

1) got bf is like that 1 loh
2) i also not close wif her d..she come out or not doesnt matter

whenever she got prob wif bf or feeling depressed she will call me and tell me. But when ntg happen she wun call me. Sometimes I really feel like being used. Anyway 4get it 1st..continue with the story. Last sat evening she call me again, tell me her stuff. Actually she is like kena control by bf already 1. Her bf want her do wat she do, but wat she wants her bf to do he wun do. Then when she ask her bf y like that, her bf will gif her 1001 excuses and in the end she will gif in. After telling me her things, I go on9 and watch drama. Nite time go pasar malam with frens. Around 2am she called me again. This time she was crying and tell me that her bf got another gal outside and she ended her call after she tells me that. Although I didnt wanna care but somehow I'm feeling worried -_-" i called her back, she still crying. Say feel san fu that she know already still haf to pretend duno and face him. She say wanna ask me fetch her back but she duno if she should juz leave like that. I tell u want I come la, then she ask me go fetch her. So I go loh, which I kind of regret now.

Reach there d, call her. She tell me she at the carltex below "little genting". Zzz..she say she wanna talk with that guy to settle. Anyway to cut the story short, in the end X still go back with Y. Ask me go there for ntg. Cry so much in the end still with him even when he cant answer the question "If Z(the 3rd party) cry and ask u be wif her again wat will u do". And make me drive all the way to cheras and sit there wait them settle. Until 6am only go home. And the worst thing is, after they ok back, not even a word of thanx from her. It's not that I'm helping bcoz I want ppl to thank me, it's juz that I feel that I'm being used again. Conclusion, X can tahan all this things and after she know Y got another 1 she still can 4gif him. So girls are dumb part 1.

Case #2:
My fren B, started with a guy about a mth ago. She was so happy that time from what I can see. Then a mth later, I heard they broke up. The reason was bcoz C (her bf) went back to his ex when she say she wants him back. B is still missing him if I'm not mistaken. Y be sad over a guy who leaves u the moment their ex find them back rite? Girls are dumb part 2.

Other examples are things that I've been through but too much already coz I really stupid b4 many times haha. Anyway I posted a poll already, vote and tell me whether u agree or not la haha..

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r@cHeL said...

yea...originally a true story and sad one. ohhh... truly i vote for a YES for wat u;ve said. haha!!! GIRLS ARE DUMB ASS MAN. shit... scolding myself. but its true ler.